Tickets to Festival events will be sold gradually, giving those interested the chance to purchase tickets online - - for concerts of different genres.

From May 15th (at 10.00 GMT+2), ticket sales will open for 15 events: the Sacred Music Concert; the Conductors’ Choir Concert; seating in the stands for the Parade; the Opening Concert; the Sound Portraits and God. Nature. Man. vocal ensemble concerts; the Children’s and Youth Vocal Ensemble Concert; the Time Flows Over Brass Band Concert and Wind Band Latvian Music Concert; the River of Time, Garden of Light and Song of Night kokle concerts; the Canvas of the Sun’s Songs Ethnic Minority Ensemble Concert; the Vocal-Symphonic Music Concert; the In Moonlight Parade of Latvian Folk Costumes; and the Three-Times-Nine Players Folk Music Concert.

From May 17th (at 10.00 GMT+2), online ticket sales will open for the dance concerts: the Latvian Dance Concert at Arena Riga, and the Perpetual Motion Grand Dance Performance at the Daugava Stadium.

From May 19th (at 10.00 GMT+2), online sales will begin for the The Field. The Road of Song. Massed Choir Concert and its dress rehearsal; the Upward Together Grand Finale Concert and its dress rehearsal; and the All-Night Singing (Grand Finale Concert ticket holders do not need to purchase additional tickets for the All-Night Singing).

From May 22nd, tickets will also become available at box offices, and those who have previously reserved tickets will be able to purchase them. From June 12th, unclaimed reserved tickets will come on sale.

Ticket policy
Buyers will be able to purchase a maximum of four tickets per event in one transaction. All reserved tickets which are not purchased will go on sale to the public on June 12th. Large families with a Family of Honour card were given the opportunity through the Society Integration Foundation to apply for tickets in advance for groups of more than four.



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